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How I help...

Halo Nutrition is here to make it easy for you to put good nutrition into practice. You will be empowered to prepare food that benefits your physical and mental wellbeing with simplicity and ease.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I am so busy I have no time to plan healthier meals

  • I am fed up with eating the same meals week in, week out

  • I need inspiration for how I want to eat

  • I am in a rut of bad habits and need to make lifestyle changes

If so, you are in the right place, take a look at how I can help you.

Amazing products...

Five-day lunch box plan

...and even better memberships

Inspiration Motivation Transformation

Through the food you eat, we help you maximise your potential at work and play.

Producing food since 2007, working with Farmers Markets, Café’s and private customers. Qualifications include an MSc Applied Human Nutrition degree, a Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology.